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So even though I have been able to pay my part of the rent and bills over the summer, due to the fact that my sister and my roommate have not been able to pay their share for the last 3 months my parents have been taking up the slack in paying our bills. They have now been stretched to thin with the fact we just got our car wrecked and may not be able to pay rent by the 15th at the latest. If we can’t pay by then we’ll be kicked out and I’ll have to move back in with my parents. I appreciate the fact they’ve helped us out, but I do not want to live in that house ever again it was horrible and that house makes me mentally and physically sick. If I could manage to make $650 I could stay in this apartment and our roommate wouldn’t have to move to San Antonio. Anything would help I just do not want to go back to that house.

Finished Works: $25 + $10 per additional character

Sketches: $5 + $5 per additional character

Big Pixels: $10 + $5 for small animations/per additional character
Small Pixels: $3 per character + optional bouncing

Stickers: $10 + $5 per additional character

my email and paypal are both kupoedcat12@gmail.com


*clicks on someones theme, they have a tiny fucking cursor*

what the fuck *wiggles tiny baby cursor around* what

醒めない夢 /Samenai Yume/ Unwaking Dream - Tatsumi Doroko


I’m so ready for the month-long skeleton party


casually posts when no one is awake haha ok bye ^q^/


Xastur, for lowerbirthcarnival and shotaw.

my babbbeeee ♥ ♥



There are only specific trolls allowed to take hatchlings out of the caverns. If a troll is caught smuggling hatchlings or wrigglers out, they will face severe consequences. 

In fact, Enkile might deal with them himself and he’s not big on mercy.

up we go! ♥